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Science Test TUESDAY!!!

Before the descovery of orgainisms like Euglena, all organsims were classified as either what?
plants or animals
Scientists classify organisms based on their what?
WHich characteristic is not true for organisms of the genus Euglena?
A green color and the ability to make food through photosynthesis might make some people think that members of the genus Euglena are what?
Which is a characteristic that animals and members of the genus Euglena posses but plants do not?
ability to move by themselves
Do you think there will always be six kingdoms used for classifying organisms?
No, as time goes on we will find new organisms and have to make new kingdoms that they fit under
Bacteria are what, or organisms that lack nuclei?
Scientis added the kingdom what, creating a classification for organisms that had characteristics of both plants and animals?
Many scientists divide bacteria into two kingdoms: what?
Archaebacteria and Eubacteria
Some of these live inside humans.
One of these causes pneumonia.
These live in places where most other organisms could not live.
Its name comes from a word that means ancient
One type turns mild into yogurt
Members of the kingdom Protista are called what?
Protists that have animal-like characteristics are called what?
Protists that have plant-like characteristics are called what?
An example of a fungus-like protist is an what?
Unlike plants, fungi do not use what?
Unlike animals, fungi do not eat what?
Fungi absorb nutrients from their surroundings by doing what?
breaking them down with digestive juices
Two examples of fungi are what?
What do all members of the kingdom Plantae have in common?
They all consist of Eukaryotic cells, their multicellular, Cell wall Produce food from sun energy(photosynthesis), do NOT move
In order for plants to make their own food through photosynthesis, they must be exposed to what?
Plants can be found growing on what and in what that can penetrate.
1. land 2. water
Explain why the food that plants make is important not only to the plants themselves but to other organisms as well?
If a surtain organism eats something else, and that something else dies, than that surtain organism will also die and that cycle keeps on going
Plants provide nutrients for other organisms. What is another way that trees and other flowering plants are used by animals?
Some animals make their homes in trees
Most members of kingdom Animalia share what characteristics?
Eukaryotic(true nucleus), Multicellular, Cell membrane(no cell wall), Obtains nutrients from other organisms, Have the ability to move, either a herbivore, ominvore, or a carnivore
Members of kingdom Animalia have specialized sence organs that allow them to do what?
respond to their environment
Members of kingdom Animalia are commonly called what?
Explain how animals need plants?
Some animals are ominvores, which the animal only eats plants, so they would need the plants for food to survive
Explain how animals depend on bacteria and fungi?
Fungi and bacteria are depended on by the animals to recycle the nutrients found in dead organisms
The kingdom Animalia includes some very simple members, such as what, that do not have sence organs and cannot move?
Define classification
The division of organisms into groups, or classes, based on specific characteristics
Putting plants and animals into orderly groups based on similar characteristics is called what?
Classifying living things help human beings because why?
makes sense of the world
Taxonomy is the science of what?
describing, classifying and naming organisms
Carlous Linnaeus' seven level system of classification is still used today true or false?
The more closely related living things are to each other, the more what they share?
Organisms are thought to be closely related when they have what?
Many characteristics in common (?)
Lions and house cats can both retract their claws, but brown bears and platypuses can not. Which two are most clearly related? (Between lions, house cats, bears, and platypuses)
lions and house cats
Early scientists divided organisms into two groups. What were they?
animals and plants
What swedish botanist and physician created the first organized, modern taxonomy?
Carolus Linnaeus
How many levels of classification do scientists use today?
Why are the platypus, brown bear, lion, and house cat thought to be related to each other?
Because they all contain hair, or mammary glands
What characteristics do the bear lion and house cat have that the platypus doesnt?
Retractable claws
All organisms are classified into what?
one of six kingdoms
Each kingdom of organisms is divided into several what?
The smallest, most specific classification level is what?
The plural form of the word phylum is what?
The singular form of the word genera is what?
In order from largest to smallest, what are the seven levels of classification
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
No matter how many common names an organism might have, it only has one what?
How was the naming of organisms different before Carolus Linnaeus, and how was the system difficult for scientists?
Scientists used 12 words to describe organisms. Hard to work with because the organism could have more than one name
Who simplified the naming of living things by giving each species a 2-part scientific name?
Carolus Linnaeus
IN the scientific name for the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus. the word Elephas indicates the animals what?
All genus names begin with a what?
capitol letter
All species names begin with a what?
lower case letter
Sceintific names contain information about a what?
Scientific names are usually in one of these two languages, what?
Latin and Greek
In the scientific name Tyrannosaurus rex, rex, the latin word for king, is the whats name?
Organisms (?)
What abbreviation do scientists sometimes use when referring to Tyrannosaurus rex?
T. Rex
What is the scientific name for the common house cat?
Scientists use dichotomous keys to do what?
Identify organisms
What kind of identification aid are scientists using when they work through a series of paired, descriptive statements?
Describe how a dichotomous key is used to identify an orgamism?
Something that identifies what a organism is
All the organisms on the earth have been what?
All the organisms on the earth have not yet been discovered
What do scientists do when a newly-discovered organism does not fit any existing category?
create a new category
What newly discoved organism first found in 1995 on lobster lips did not fit in any existing phyla?
Symbion pandora
What do all Archaebacteria have in common?
Prokaryotic(no nucleus), Unicellular,Cell Wall(specialized because their extremophils, three types of extremeophiles( heat loving, salt loving, and methane-making
What do all Eubacteria have in common?
Prokaryotic(No nucleus), Unicellular, Cell Wall, Many use a flagellum
What do all Protists have in common?
Eukaryotic(nucleus), Mostly Unicellular,Cell Wall Obtain nutrients from 1. sun(plant like) 2. Other organisms(animal like) 3. Absorb nutrients(fungus like)
What do all fungi have in common?
Eukaryotic(true nucleus), Multicellular, Cell Wall, Absorb nutrients from other organisms, and Reproduce using spores