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What is Niagara Falls

A natural wonder and has hydroelectricity for millions

What is the Appalachian Mountain

The oldest in North America and runs from Canada to Alabama

Name 3 small ranges

Green Mountains
White Mountains
Catskill Mountains

What do you know about he coastline of the Northeast

It ranges from rocky cliffs to sandy beaches

What are some resources of the Northeast?

Maple Syrup

It is grown in bogs


What is a bog?

Area of soft, wet, spongy ground

What is a mineral?

A material that was never alive and is found in the earth

Name 2 examples of a minerals found in the Northeast


This area is rich in fish and shellfish

The coast of the NE (Cheapeake Bay)

What is a "waterman"

A person who fishes along the bay area

What is a bay?

A part of a sea or lake that cuts into the coastline

What is an inlet

A narrow opening in the coastline and is usually smaller than a bay

These people lived in a society based on cooperation or working together to get things done

The Narragansett People

What was the leader or chief of a territory called?

A Sachem

Who was the English settler that made friends with the Narragansett people and bought some of their land

Roger Williams

What are "wigwams"?

The homes of Narragansett people

What is a confederacy?

A union of people (please check the SS book to make sure)

WHat was the first colony in North America?

Plymouth Massachusetts

What is a colony

A settlement of people who come from one country to live in another country

When was the Declaration of Independence written and signed ?

In 1176

When was the United States Constitution written?

In 1787

Who provided strong leadership in the writing of the Declaration of Independence

John Adams

Who played an important role in ??????

Benjamin Franklin

Who is the first president of the US?

George Washington

Who invented the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

Who introduced using steel in the US?

Andrew Carnegie

He is an important Scientist of the US

Albert Einstein

She is the first female Secretary of State

Madaleine Albright

He published a newspaper called "The Liberator"

William Lloyd Garrison

HE addressed an abolitionist meeting and told about their lives as slaves

Frederick Douglass

She convinced people to fight against slavery and created the Underground Railroad

Sojourner Truth

What is the 13th Amendment?

Slavery is no longer legal and can't be done in the US

They organized the first Women's RIghts Convention in the US

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott

What is the 19th Amendment?

Gave women the right to vote

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