poli exam 3 11/13

Cutting across issue areas, we can classify domestic policies into 3 different types of policies.
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• JFK and LBJ found BOBs influence to be too ____________bureaucratico Both of these (JFK, LBJ), presidents desired additional input from ____________ the government.outside(JFK, LBJ), accomplished this by creating ____ ______ _______ ________: -consisting of experts from inside and outside the government.Domestic Policy tasks forceso These (Domestic Policy task forces, for example, provided the basis for much of Kennedys _____ ________1 legislative program and Johnsons ____ ______2 legislative program.1.)New frontier 2)Great Society-Subsequent presidents made ___________1... use of task forces =Instead they relied on more _______2... advisory bodies, *such as commissions and conferences* -Example: Regan's _________ _________3... on social security reform.1.)Little 2) formal 3.)national commision• Commissions typically are _____________1.... and seek ___________2....1.)Bipartisan 2.)ConcentusSometimes this (bipartisan consensus) leads these commissions to _______ ________1.... clear positions on critical ________2...1.)not take 2.)critical issuesSince ______1... presidents have used domestic policy staffs in the executive office of the president =and beginning with _______2... the OMB to develop legislative programs.1.)LBJ 2.)NixonNixon created the domestic council as a top-level forum for discussion, debate, and determination of policy similar to the __________ __________ ___________national security council *included the president, the vice president of domestic cabinet officers (eg. Ag, HUD, Transportation) as well as the director and deputy director of OMB*• Gerald Ford intended to use ________...1 council to give vice president nelson Rockefeller a significant role in ___________ policymaking.domestic, domesticConflict between Rockefeller and chief of staff Donald Rumsfeld limited Rockefellers ________.1 and the use of the ________ ________2.... in the ford administration1.) influence 2.) domestic council____________ abolished the Domestic Council soon after taking office.carterCarter's domestic policy staff did not dominate the domestic policymaking process but instead served as _______________...1 =• Reflection of carter's desire to focus on details of _________...21.)Administrators 2.)Policy-making• Regan created an ______ __ ________ _________( ___) which was the equivalent of carter's domestic policy makingoffice of policy development (OPD)________ __________ established the domestic policy council by executive order in 1993Bill Clinton-However, DPC did not meet regularly and domestic policymaking was presided over by _________.....1 -Tended to be frenetic and ____________...2 in the first ____...3 years of the Clinton administration1.(Clinton) Himself 2.Uncordinated 3.Two (2)-Unlike Clinton ________ ___ ________'s domestic policy process was highly structuredGeorge W. Bush's-Brought a business organizational orientation as the first president with an MBA -Many High-level advisors had prior experience not only in government but also In business (e.g. Paul O'Neil, John SnowGeorge W. Bush-The _________ administration's domestic policymaking was significantly affected by the Great Recession.obama(Obama) -Coming to the presidency at the time required quick __________ responses.policy(Obama admin.) -Led to deference to congressional democrats' _______________Preferences(Obama admin) Stimulus plan included many items that had been on the __________ ______________agenda for years.demoncratic congressional