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Give the duration of an authorised CHIS (and by whom)
A SUPERINTENDENT will authorise a CHIS. Can be both granted orally and in writing, orally for urgent cases. The authorisation will cease to have effect after 12 MONTHS from the day it was granted. If given orally, this duration will be 72 HOURS. If first granted orally and then backed up in writing later, the 12 months will be from the date it was FIRST granted
Who first authorises Intrusive Surveillance and who is it approved by?

A Surveillance Commissioner has to approve and give written notification

Cannot be done by INSPECTOR in any circumstance
Who gives the authorisation for Directed Surveillance and what is its duration? In urgent cases?
The authorisation is given by a SUPERINTENDENT - it will cease to have effect after 3 MONTHS from the date it was granted

In urgent cases can be INSPECTOR and will last for three days (72 hours)
Who CAN authorise a CHIS?
A SUPERINTENDENT and above. When it is not reasonably practicable to find one and in urgent cases, an INSPECTOR suffices.

In juvenile cases, ASSISTANT CHIEF CONSTABLE and above (will last for max 1 MONTH)
How long will an intrusive surveillance authorisation last for?
Define 'covert' surveillance
carried out in a manner calculated to ensure people are unaware of it
For what reasons is CHIS permission authorised?
- preventing/detecting crime or disorder
- interests of national security/public welfare/interests of economy
- purposes of collecting tax or protecting health
- purpose made by Secretary of State
What is 'directed' surveillance?
a) covert b) used for a specific operation c) likely to obtain private info about a person d) not in immediate response to events
What MUST be the case for a relationship to be CHIS related?
They must be dealing with information. Using the relationship to obtain information or disclosing information obtained