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Intermediate technology (or appropriate technology)
Technology that is suited to the needs, skills, knowledge and wealth of local people in the environment which they live.
Exhausting the soil by over-cropping the land.
Grazing too many livestock for too long on the land, so it is unable to recover its vegetation.
Soil erosion
Removal of topsoil faster than it can be replaced, due to natural (water and wind action), animal, and human activity.
Subsistence farming
A type of agriculture producing food and materials for the benefit only of the farmer and his family.
is the process by which land becomes drier and degraded, as a result of climate change or human activities, or both.
Climate change
is making temperatures hotter and rainfall less reliable and more variable. All of these things reduce the amount of natural vegetation.
Population pressure
As the number of people increases they increase the numbers of animals they keep, such as goats, which eat more vegetation.
people in the Sahel region of Africa faced hunger and required food aid in 2014 (UN)
$2 billion
needed in food aid due to desertification.
Loss of vegetation
can cause severe soil erosion. The nutrients in the soil get washed or leached away leaving soil infertile.
the condition in which the salt content of soil accumulates over time to above normal levels; occurs in some desertifying qreqs due to excessive irrigation
A long period of low precipitation
a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death, a result of desertification

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