Taxa to know - Invertebrate Zoology test Lab test 3

49 terms by XYourIcyBluesX

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phylum onycophora

velvet worms

phylum tardigrada

water bears

class brachipoda

order anostraca, order diplostraca (suborder Cladocera)

order anostraca

sea monkey

order diplostraca (suborder Cladocera)

cyclops/water flies/ daphnia

class malacostraca

subclass eumalacostraca, superorder Hoplocarida, order stomatopoda, superorder eucarida, superorder peracardia

superorder eucarida

order euphausiacea, order decapoda

order euphausiacea


order decapoda

crabs, shrimp, lobster, etc

superorder peracardia

order isopoda, order amphipoda

order isopoda

bug thing

order amphipoda


class maxillopoda

subclass theocostraca, subclass copepoda, subclass ostracoda

subclass thocostraca


subclass copepoda


subclass ostracoda


subphylum hexapoda

class entognatha, class insecta

class insecta

subclass pterygota, infraclass palaeoptera, infraclass neoptera, holometabola

subclass pterygota

infraclass palaeptera, infraclass neoptera

infraclass palaeoptera

order odonata

order odonota


infraclass neoptera

order blattodea, order isoptera, order orthoptera, order pthiraptera, order hemiptera, order neuroptera

order blattodea


order isoptera


order othoptera

grasshopper, cididis, praying mantis, cricket

order pthiraptera


order hemiptera

true bug

order neuroptera

lace fly


order coleoptera, order siphonaptera, order diptera, order trichoptera, order lepidoptera, order hymenoptera

order coleoptera


order siphonaptera


order diptera

flies & mosquitoes

order trichoptera


order lepidoptera

butterfly, moths & skippers

order hymenoptera

wasps, bees & hornet


class diplopoda, class chilopoda

class diplopoda


class chilopoda


subphylum chelicerata

class pycnogonida, class chelieceriformes

class chelicerifromes

subclass merostomata, subclass arachnida

subclass merostomata

order eurypterida, order xiphosura

order eurypterida

sea scorpion

order xiphosura

horseshoe crab

subclass arachnida

order acari, order araneae, order opiliones, order scorpiones, order uropygi

order acari

mites & ticks

order araneae


order opiliones

daddy long legs

order scorpiones


order uropygi

whip scorpions

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