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CLS 4th grade science, Rocks

4 Properties to tell minerals apart

color, luster, streak, hardness

4 examples of sedimentary rock

Conglomerate, shale, limestone, rock salt

3 kinds of fossils

imprint, molds, cast

3 things that need to happen to a fossil to show

Collect the bones, remove rocks from the bones, assemble the bones

2 things fossils can tell us

characteristics of the organism, AND the environment in which it lived

2 things that cause a change to metamorphic rock

heat and pressure

2 things footprints can tell us

the size and how it walked

streak plate

a glass plate that minerals can be rubbed against

rock cycle

sequence of events in which rocks are formed, destroyed, altered, and reformed by geological processes


A naturally occurring substance


hardened tree sap


Magma that reaches the earth's surface


a scientist that studies the visual properties of rocks

Relative Age

the age of things, the age of a rock compared to the ages of rock layers


Living things that turn to st, when the hard parts of a dead organism are changed to stone


A fossil created by a print or impression


Deposited rock particles and other materials that settle in a liquid


Melted rock material


The way a mineral reflects light

Igneous Rock

fire made rocks formed from melted rock materials


A fossil formed or shaped within a mold

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