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Spanish Stem Changing Verbs


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empezar (e-ie)
to begin
Yo empiezo
I begin
Ella empieza
She begins
entender (e-ie)
to understand
Yo entiendo
I understand
Tú entiendes
You understand
él entiende
He understands
pensar (e-ie)
to think
Yo pienso
I think
tú piensas
you think
él/ella piensa
he/she thinks
ustedes piensan
you all think
preferir (e-ie)
to prefer
Yo prefiero
I prefer
Tú prefieres
You prefer
Nosotros preferimos
we prefer
dormir (o-ue)
to sleep
Yo duermo
I sleep
Tu duermes
You sleep
poder (o-ue)
can; be able to
Yo puedo
I can/ I am able to
tú puedes
you can
él/ella puede
he/she can
we can
ellos/ellas pueden
they can
y'all can (Spain)
ustedes pueden
encontrar (o-ue)
to find
Yo encuentro
I find/meet
jugar (u-ue)
to play
Yo juego
I play
Tú juegas
You play
querer (e-ie)
to want
Yo quiero
I want
tú quieres
you want
él/ella quiere
he/she wants
nosotros queremos
we want
vosotros queréis
y'all want (Spain)
ustedes quieren
you all want
ellos/ellas quieren
they want
seguir (e-i)
to follow, to continue
they follow/continue
it/he/she follows, continues
volver (o-ue)
to return, to come back
tú vuelves
you return
yo vuelvo
I return, come back

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