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The Fight for Mexican Independence


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Marques de Rubi
King's inspector; Recommended the closure of Missions and the removal of East Texan settlers
A royal officer who oversees new territory where a King and Queen cannot be.
Louisiana Purchase
1803; France sells it's territory to the United States
Gil Y'Barbo
Leader for East Texans; founded the city of Nacogdoches
Adams-Onis Treaty
the treaty gave Spanish Florida to the United States; 1819
an individual who carries out unauthorized warfare against a foreign country
Reasons for revolution
Colonist losing the best jobs, churches had no money, and poor living conditions
"El Grito de Dolores"—"The Cry of Dolores"
Father Hidalgo's speech. It called Mexicans to fight for independence
September 16, 1810
The start for Mexican Independence
Gutierrez de Lara
Created a revolutionary military unit with Augustus Magee called the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
changed name to The Republican Army of the North; Made up of Tejanos, Native Americans, and White Americans.
August 24, 1821
Date Texas and Mexico were officially freed from Spain. Texas becomes a part of the Republic of Mexico.
The Battle of Medina
Where Spain would finally stop the Republican Army of the North.
Trinity River
the area where Charles Francios Lallemand settled his French troops.
a religious settlement; purpose was to convert Native Americans into Catholics