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Sun's composition is of these


Sunspots are ______ than surrounding areas of the sun


"crown" or white halo surrounding the outsuide of the sun that is visible during eclipses.The hottest layer compared to chromosphere, photosphere, and lithosphere


The bright layer of the sun that is visible to us

The effect of solar storms on the earth depends on this

Where the earth is in its orbit around the sun

Intense solar wind from solar prominence cause this

disrupted TV and radio communications in North America

Radio communications

Solar storms release electrically charged particles that interfere with this


reddish loops of gas, caused by same forces on sun that cause sunspots

Solar wind

a stream of electrically carged particles, enters upper levels of Earth's atmosphere and interrupts shortwave (microwave) radio transmission

Solar flares

when hydrogen gas explodes causing explosions on the sun's surface


also knows as dirty snowballs, they are made up of chunks of ice and dust. Comets have long narrow ellipses.

Parts of a comet

head (coma and nucleus), tail


rocks in space that are too small to be called planets

asteriod belt

the orbits between mars and jupiter where most asteroids are found.


a chunk of ice and dust that enter earth's atmosphere


a chunk of ice and dust in space.


a chunk of ice and dust that hit earth's surface

nuclear fusion

occurrs in the sun's core, this is where the sun's energy comes from.


middle layer of the sun, "color" sphere


"light", inner layer of the sun

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