US History Unit 2: Urbanization, Industrialization & Progressive Era


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Ellis Island
Place where European immigrants entered the US
Angel Island
Place where Asian immigrants entered the US
Preferring native-born, white Americans over immigrants
Why did cities grow and develop?
Movement of Americans from rural to urban areas for job opportunities. specialized industries were near centers of population, Immigration to America from other countries, development of new industrial technologies
Why did immigration increase?
Hope for better opportunities, Religious freedom, Escape from oppressive governments, Desire for adventure
Low-cost, multi-family housing in cities; common housing for immigrants; packed with people, dirty
Political Machine
Organized group that controlled a political party in a city; helped immigrants in exchange for political support (votes)
Person who invests in a business with the goal of making money; risk taker.
Standard Oil. His monopoly of the oil refinery business was eventually forced to break up.
Created US Steel.
Complete control over a product or service.
Robber Baron
People who viewed big business negatively.
Captain of Industry
People who viewed big business positively.
Labor union
Group of workers that organize to protect their rights
Workers refuse to work until demands are met.
Established modern US banking industry, helped fund the electric light
Consolidated the railroad industry
Purpose of early labor union
Better pay, hours, and working conditions
The Gilded Age
Nickname given to the time period that refers to something cheap and ugly being covered by a thin layer of wealth or gold.