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Connective Tissue

1. Cells- osteocytes
(bone cells)
2.Matrix- hard collagen fibers, calcium
3. Location- all over
Hyaline Cartilage
1. Cells- chondrocytes
(cartilage cells)
2. Matrix- rubbery collagen fibers
3. Location- ribs, ends of bones
Elastic Cartilage
1. Cells- chondrocytes
2. Matrix- Rubbery, Stretchy(elastic fiber-thin, collagen fiber-thick)
3. Location- External ear
1. Cells- chondrocytes
2. Matrix- rubbery collagen fibers
3. Location- between vertebrae
Areolar Connective Tissue
1. Cells- fibroblasts
2. Matrix- collagen & elastic fibers (gel-like)
3. Location- under skin
Adipose(fat) Tissue
1. Cells- fat cells
2. Matrix- gel- like fat droplets
3. Location- all over- insulates body, protects organs, fuel storage
Dense Connective Tissue
1. Cell- fibroblast (make fiber)
2. Matrix- collagen fibers rubbery
3. Location- tendons-connect muscle to bone and ligaments-connect bone to bone
1. Cells- white & red blood cells
2. Matrix- liquid
3. Location- all over