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terms for the English test on Tuesday

The author of "The Third Wish"

Joan Aiken

The author of "Papa's Parrot"

Cynthia Rylant

The author of "Zoo"

Edward D. Hoch

The author of "Ribbons"

Laurence Yep

The author of "A Boy and a Man"

James Ullman

The author of "Amigo Brothers"

Piri Thomas

The author of "All Summer in a Day"

Ray Bradbury

The author of "Suzy and Leah"

Jane Yolen

The author of "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"

Walter Dean Myers

The protagonist of "The Third Wish"

Mr. Peters

The protagonist of "Papa's Parrot"

Mr. Tillian

The protagonist of "Zoo"

Professor Hugo

The protagonist of "Ribbons"


The protagonist of "A Boy and a Man"


The protagonist of "Amigo Brothers"

Antonio and Felix

The protagonist of "All Summer in a Day"


The protagonist of "Suzy and Leah"

Suzy and Leah

The protagonist of "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"

Greg Ridley

Minor characters in "The Third Wish"

Leita, King of the Forest, Rhea

Minor characters in "Papa's Parrot"

Harry, Rocky

Minor characters in "Zoo"

Humans, Zoo animals

Minor characters in "Ribbons"

Ian, Paw-Paw, Mom, Dad

Minor characters in "A Boy and a Man"

Captain Winter, Mom?

Minor characters in "Amigo Brothers"

Referee, Fans

Minor characters in "All Summer in a Day"

Classmates, Teacher

Minor characters in "Suzy and Leah"

Suzy's Mom, Avi, Refugee kids

Minor characters in "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"

Thug people, Greg's Dad, Lemon Brown

Point of view for Third Wish

3rd person

Point of view for Parrot

3rd person

Point of view for Zoo

3rd person

Point of view for Ribbons

1st person

Point of view for Boy and Man

3rd person limited

Point of view for Amigo Bros

3rd person omniscient

Point of view for Summer in Day

3rd person limited

Point of view for Suzy and Leah

1st person x2

Point of view for Lemon Brown

3rd person limited

Conflict in Third Wish

Mr. Peters is lonely

Conflict in Parrot

Mr. Tillian was lonely

Conflict in Zoo

Humans are a threat to zoo animals

Conflict in Ribbons

Stacy and Paw-Paw not connecting

Conflict in Boy and Man

Rudi wants to climb the mountain his father died on

Conflict for Amigo Bros

Tony and Felix have to fight each other

Conflict for Summer a Day

Margot missed earth

Conflict for Suzy and Leah

Leah and Suzy don't get along

Conflict for Lemon Brown

Greg can't play bball and is mad at his dad

Theme for Third Wish

Be carful what you wish for

Theme for Parrot

Don't blow off family for friends

Theme for Zoo

There are two sides to a cage

Theme for Ribbons

Give someone a chance

Theme for Boy and Man

If its something you love, do it

Theme for Amigo Bros

Don't let something important come between friends

Theme for Summer in Day

Taking away something important from someone is a crime

Theme for Suzy and Leah

Thinking that you understand someone is a lie

Theme for Lemon Brown

The littlest things are what are important to people

Climax in Third Wish

Decided to use 2nd wish

Climax in Parrot

Rocky- "Where's Harry? Miss him".

Climax in Zoo

Zoo animals are returned home

Climax in Ribbons

Stacy walks in on Paw-Paw in bathroom

Climax in Boy and Man

Conversation with Winters about how to climb the Citadel

Climax in Amigo Bros

When they walk arm and arm out of the ring

Climax in Suzy and Leah

Suzy read Leah's diary

Climax in Lemon Brown

Lemon shows Greg his treasure

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