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SCTD AH 2 Exam 2

A complete review/study guide for Sullivan College of Technology and Design's art history II course exam 2.
What is meant by the phrase "optical color mixing"?
Placing bits of pure color side by side so that they appear to blend together when viewed from a distance.
Paul Cezanne
List one of the things that concerned / interested the painters of the Symbolist
Inner meaning, the spirit, religion, the occult, the imagination, etc.
What is meant by the French term "Mal du -siecle"?
A facination with the dark, the morbid and the sensual.
Gustave Moreau
Gustave Moreau popularized a new stereotype
of femininity that has come to be called:
the Femme Fatal
Henri Rousseau "Sleeping Gypsy"
Henri Rousseau's work is often referred to by this term, meaning someone with no formal artistic training.
Naiive or primitive
The Gates of Hell
Two individual images from the Gates of Hell were remade as free-standing sculptures
on their own, name one of them:
The Thinker or The Three Shades or Adam
Auguste Rodin
Paul Gauguin
"Oviri" means 'savage' in Tahitian
(Paul Gauguin)
When we say that Paul Gauguin's color schemes do not represent "optical naturalistic", what do we mean?
That he uses colors not typical or expected for objects/surfaces. Red grass, blue trees for example.
Vincent Van Gogh believed that this artistic principle was the "language of emotion"
Vincent Van Gogh "Starry Night"
Henri De Toulouse Lautrec
The term "Art Nouveau" means simply this
New Art
As an art movement, Art Nouveau covered many different types of arts and crafts,
name two:
painting, textiles, furniture design, architecture, advertising, commercial art, jewelry design, glassware etc.
The Art Nouveau style is based on what inspirations? Name two:
Plant forms, Medieval art, Asian art, micro-organisms, insects, etc.
Aubrey Beardsly
Henry van de Velde
Gustave Klimt
How does Gustave Klimt use pattern in his work?
Symbollically. Circles and ovals repressent women, squares and rectangles for men. Esoteric symbols appear in some works as well.
Expressionism. Edvard Munch. "The Scream"
Henri Matisse
The term "fauve" translates as
wild beast
characteristics of fauvist paintings:
Pure, straight-from-the-tube color, using color in place of value, 'messy' style.
How did the Fauvist movement get it's name?
From a comparison made by a critic who viewed thier works.
Describe how the first color photos worked (in a general way)
They were glass slides with a light-sensitive solution on one side and transparent particles of starch in red, green and blue on the other side.
Which brothers are credited with developing color photo technology first?
August and Louis Lumiere
What name is given to the first color photos?
Which culture's native art had a huge influence on the fauves
Henri Matisse
How are "Dance" and "Music", both by Matisse, considered companion pieces?
Same color scheme, Similar type of figures, Similar mood, "Dance" moves to the sounds that "Music" produces, etc.
The sleeping muse
Constantin Brancusi abstract sculpture
Toward the end of his career, Brancusi seemed to be most interested in which part or aspect of his sculptures?
their bases-a return to the early skills and shapes/motifs of cabinet-making.
Expressionism refers to art that has what qualities?
Emphasis on emotional content and distortion of color, line, shape, space or other elements to achieve an emotional effect.
German Expressionists typically drew inspiration from what sources?
German folk art traditions, children's art, Medieval sculpture, African art.
This German Expressionist artist is credited with having created the first modern, abstract paintings:
Vasily Kandinsky
The term "non-objective" means the same thing as:
Although this work does not contain identifiable images, it does have theme and meaning, what themes does Kandinsky try to express here?
Creation and Destruction.