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  1. Text set off from the main body of text in a text box that provides additional information for the reader.
  2. Anything that appears on the screen that you can select and work with as a whole, such as a shape, picture, or chart.
  3. A green circle that appears connected to a selection rectangle around an object and that you can drag to rotate the object.
  4. To remove part of a picture
  5. The relationship of an object's height to its width
  6. Graphics that are stored in the Clip Organizer or available online that you can insert in any document.

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  1. keywordA special type of label in a drawing that consists of a text box with an attached line to point to something in the drawing


  2. calloutTo remove part of a picture


  3. inline objectAn object in a document that can be repositioned as if it were a character in the line of text.


  4. floating objectAn object in a document that acts as if it were sitting in a separate layer on the page, and can be repositioned anywhere on the page.


  5. WordArtStylized text that is treated as an object.


  6. graphicTo remove part of a picture