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The kingdoms that contain the oldest forms of life on earth.

Eubacteria and Archaebacteria

As a cell grows ,

the chromosoms become seperated.

The chromosome and it's copy attatch to

the inside of the cell membrane.

Before cell division the chromosome is


A cell with no nucleus is a



is a single-celled organism that do not have nuclei.


do NOT have a nuclei.

Common shapes of bacteria are:

cocci, spirilla, and bacilli.


can live in hostile environments.


cotain chlorophyll.

Bacteria cells

have a loop of DNA.


help the bacteria move around.


in Latin means whip.

Bacteriam are able to survive boilind, freezing, adn extremely dry environments by

becoming an endospore.


use cellular respiration, move around, and reproduce.

Methan makers live in


The first plants

may have developed from cyanobacteria.


are rod shapped bacteria.

Cyanobacteria live in

water environments.

Heat lovers live in

ocean rift vents.

Salt lovers can be found in

the Dead Sea.

The three main types of archaebacteria are:

methane makers, heat lovers, and salt lovers.

Eubacteria that make their own food are


Decomposers feed on

dead organic matter.


invade the body of another oranism to obtain food.

Decomposers, consumers, and parasites

obtain nutrients from other organisms.

The Eubacteria Kingdom

has more individual organisms than any of the other five kingdoms.


is the least common shape for bacteriaum.


are bacteria the are rod-shaped.


are spherical bacteria.

An endospore is

a thick protective membrane that contains an inactive bacterium.


make their own food.

Most bacteria reproduce by

binary fission.

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