Sadlier Unit 4 Vocab

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(n) A blind alley or dead-end street; any situation in which further progress is impossible; an impasse
Syn: blind alley, dead end, impasse
Ant: solution, boon

After getting home late for the third night in a row, the teenager was stuck in a cul-de-sac because he knew he wouldn't be able to get out of getting in trouble this time.
Image: Cul-de-sac
Hoi Polloi(n) The common people, the masses. Syn: rank and file, common people Ant: aristocracy, elite, upper class The hoi polloi in the city don't have as nice houses as the upper class does.Ineffable(adj) Not expressible in words; too great or too sacred to be uttered. Syn: inexpressible, unspeakable Ant: definable, describable After having gotten raped, the young woman was traumatized and told her psychologist that it was an ineffable experience that she can't bring herself to talk about.Lucubration(n) Laborious study or thought, especially at night; the result of such work Syn: burning the midnight oil, application Ant: disdain, disregard I told my friends that I won't be able to go out tonight because I have lucubration to do for the final exam the next morning.Mnemonic(adj) Relating to or designed to assist the memory (n) a device to aid the memory. Syn: (n) reminder, cue Ant: forgetful, oblivious My greatest studying technique is coming up with mnemonics that help me remember the lesson.Obloquy(n) Public abuse indicating strong disapproval or censure. Syn: discredit, opprobrium, dishonor Ant: Praise, acclaim, approbation. Most politicians receive a lot of obloquy and hate because of how sensitive people have become nowadays.Parameter(n) A determining or characteristic element; a factor that shapes the total outcome; a limit, boundary. Syn: criterion, framework Ant: allowance, liberation Streets have a parameter on how fast you can drive in order to avoid accidents.Pundit(n) A learned person; one who gives authoritative opinions. Syn: expert, authority, savant. Ant: dilettante, layman, amateur. I believe that my math teacher is a pundit when it comes to statistics as he always has an answer to every question and has been studying the material for the past 20 years.Risible(adj) Pertaining to laughter; able or inclined to laugh. Syn: droll, ludicrous. Ant: depressing, heartrending, poignant My dad makes risible jokes that never fail to make the whole family laugh.Symptomatic(adj) Typical or characteristic; being or concerned with a symptom of a disease. Syn: indicative, indicating Ant: conceal, mislead High fever, runny nose, and a headache are all symptomatic signs of someone getting a cold soon.Volte-face(n) An about-face; a complete reversal. Syn: turnabout, turnaround Ant: stagnation, inactivity My brother's opinion took a volte-face, as he completely changed sides on what he believed in.

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