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What makes up soil?
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Which of the following would have the greatest amount of organic matter? A) O Horizon B) B Horizon C) C Horizon D) E HorizonAWhat color is the A Horizonblack or brownWhat color is the E Horizonlight grey or whiteWhat color is the B Horizonreddish/brownR Horizonunweathered bedrockHow is soil color described?Munsell soil color chartWhat color is associated with soils high in iron oxidesred and brownWhat color is associated with higher amount of organic matterblackWhat color is associated with silicates and aluminum oxides?whiteThe Process by which a clay increases from A horizon to B Horizon is a product of what?Translocation____ Horizon has an increase of clay due to TranslocationBSoil structure describes ____arrangement of soil particlesPEDsmallest natural cluster of particlesWhat are the four types of PEDsGranular, blocky, platy, columnarWhat horizon is granular associated with?A HorizonWhat horizon is platy associated with?E HorizonWhat horizon is blocky associated with?B HorizonWhat horizon is columnar associated with?B HorizonWater logged soils turn which color?greyHow many soil classifications are there?12Sol means what?soilWhere are oxisols located?Warm and wet climatesWhat color are oxisolsredDo oxisols have high or low amounts of leaching from the A horizonhighHow much organic matter do oxisols havelowWhat is the leaching process associated with humid and warm climates called? And what soil classification is this term associated with?Laterization and oxisolsEluviationremoval or translocated downIlluviationcumulation of stuffWhat horizon is Eluviation associated withA or EWhat horizon is illuviation associated withBWhat climate are aridisols located inDesert or arid climatesWhere are aridisols located in the USWestWhat is lacking in aridisols?organic matterAre there high or low amounts of leaching in aridisols? Why?Low due to low precipitationWhat is common in aridisols? Why?Salinization due to irregationDo aridisols have high or low amounts of moisture?LowDo aridisols have high or low amounts of vegetation?LowWhere are mollisols located in the USGrasslands- Wisco, Iowa, NebraskaDo aridisols have calcium carbonate horizons?YesMollisols have a thick ____ horizonAWhat color is the A horizon of MollisolsBlack or brownWhen is calcium carbonate common in Mollisols? Why?Low grass due to less moistureWhen is calcium carbonate NOT common in Mollisols? Why?High grass due to more moistureWhat rock is formed from the continued accumulation of calcium carbonate in soil profile?Caliche horizonWhat does caliche tell us?How old soil isWhat two soil classifications have calcium carbonates in the profile depending on geographic location?Aridisols and MollisolsWhee are alfisols located?throughout the midwest, most common soil in WiscoThe moist version of mollisols are ____?AlfisolsWhat kind of soil and weather is alfisols?moderately weathered forest soilsWhat horizons are associated with Alfisols?A, E, BWhat horizon is the most clay found in alfisols? Why?B Horizon due to increased precipitation and translocationUltisols are....highly weathered forest soilsGiven time, an alfisol may weather into a/an...ultisolWhere are ultisols found in the US?SoutheastAre ultisols young or old?old as ****Soil horizons in Ultisols?A, E, BDo ultisols happen in colder or warmer climates? Why?Warmer to promote chemical weatheringWhat kind of soil is a spodosolNorthern coniferous forest soilWhat kind of parent material is associated with spodosolssandyAre entisols young or oldyoungAre entisols the first or second youngest soil?first youngestAre entisols climate dependent?NoWhat horizons are associated with entisols?A, R OR A, CWhy is there no B horizon in Entisols?no time to develop BAre inceptisols young or old?youngAre inceptisols the first or second youngest soil?second youngestWhere can inceptisols be found?anywhereSoil horizons associated with inceptisols?A, B, C______ develop into inceptisols with timeEntisolsInceptisols are beginning to have ___ horizonB