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An Enlightened _____ was a ruler who influenced political and social change.


In A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft argued that women and men should have equal ______.


An informal social gathering where Enlightenment thinkers exchange ideas is a _______.


The term ______ describes a grand, ornate style of art and architecture popular during the age of Louis XIV.


In the 1700s, British merchants gained enormous wealth by dominating the ______ trade with Spanish America.


Diderot's __________ was important because it spread Enlightenment ideas.


Elegant compositions by Handel, Haydn, and Mozart reflected a new musical style of the Enlightenment known as ________.

John Locke

________ was an Enlightenment thinker who argued that the purpose of government is to safeguard the natural rights of the people.

laissez faire

Physicrats supported a government policy of _______.


_______ helped spread Enlightenment ideas by compiling articles of leading thinkers into a 28-volume work.

Joseph II

_____ was an enlightened despot who traveled among the peasants in disguise to learn about their problems.

Adam Smith

Economist ______ argued that, in a free market, business activity would be regulated by the forces of supply and demand.

Scientific Revolution

Enlightenment thinkers were influenced by the idea of natural law that emerged from the _______.


The term ______ describes a light and delicate artistic style popular during the reign of Louis XV.


Enlightenment writers faced ________ because they challenged the old order.

natural law

The rules discoverable by reason used by Enlightenment thinkers to apply to the study of human behavior and society were ________________.


Voltaire's novel, _______, exposes corruption and hypocrisy.

social distinctions

Because the American colonies were home to diverse religions and ethnic groups, ____________ were more blurred than in Europe.


Enlightenment writers sometimes tried to avoid _______ by disguising their ideas as fiction.


During the Enlightenment, the government and the church officials used the argument that God set up the old order to justify their war on ___________.

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