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anxiety disorders

4 different stages of anxiety.

1st stage- mild stage

during this stage vital signs are normal, not very much muscle tension. you are aware of different stimuli in environment, thoughts are random but controlled you feel comfortable and safe. relaxed and calm. doing habits normally.

2nd stage- moderate stage

vitals are normal but slightly elevated. have tension; might be uncomfortble. you are alert and attentive. at perfect state of mind for solving problems. you feel ready, energized and ready to learn. voice and body language are interested and concerned.

3rd stage- severe stage

when you are going through fight or flight, beginning alarm stage, vitals become increased, appitite decreased. problem solving is very difficult. have selective attention= focus on detail. trying to block out threatening stimuli. might have aches and pains. might feel irritable, increased need for "own space"

4th stage- panic stage

physical symptoms escalate to dangerous stage. might be pale, hearing might mess up, might not feel pain. people say it feels like having a heart attack. feel helpless and have lost total control. feel angry, lost and completely disorganized. some people get panic attacks through heredity or through psychology. perseptions are poor. some people learn panic ways through life experiences ( ex. loss, change etc) or worried about being accepted

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