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What is the nature of the universe (physical and spiritual)?
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Jinn: another race/entity created in parallel at some point in time as humans. These spirits choose between good and bad, and can traverse into our world from their own
They also play tricks on us/tease us, they are the origin of horror stories/scary folklore in some of the Muslim world.
Angels: Believing in angles is essential to islam, they were created from light before human beings were created. Gabriel is an archangel, and many believe that he is the most important.
Allah is the one and only god, the absolute Creator of the universe, Allah is the beginning and the end of all things, and this is the foundation for Islam's teachings. We are created to serve Allah. No one can compete with him, he is all encompassing and he is a moral compass, a source of hope, etc.
Death is not as an end your actons follows you to the afterlife. You will be separated from the ugliness in the world. But if you live a dishonest and bad life, you will be separated from all the beauty of the world. The body should be buried as soon as possible after death and face the mecca.
After the body is buried, all guests go to the house of the family of the deceased. A meal is prepared and guests usually stay for the entire day. Family members may stay for the whole week. The mourning period officially lasts for 40 days. During that time, family members wear only black clothing. For one full year, the wife of the deceased continues to wear black, but the anniversary of the death is not observed.