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Metaphysicsthe study of the nature of realitywroughtshaped; made; moldeddeferencehumble submission and respectcomplaisancethe willingness to comply with the wishes of othersconsternationfeelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpectedPenancevoluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoingsolemnitythe state or quality of being serious and dignifiedrecompense(v) to pay back; to give a reward; (n) a payment for loss, service, or injury.wantonundisciplined, lewd, lustful, unprovoked without justificationprodigal(adj.) wastefully extravagant; lavishly or generously abundant; (n.) one who is wasteful and self-indulgentPanopticonan area where everything is visiblecapriceA sudden impulse, whim, or unmotivated change of mindTwain (outdated)Two thingsprivationLack of basic necessities or comforts of lifecontrivancesomething contrived; machine or apparatus; clever deceitful plan; schemeensignNational flag; commissioned officer between the rank of Chief Warrant Officer and Lieutenant Junior Gradeballastheavy substance used to add stability or weight; V. supply with ballastpalpateexamine (a part of the body) by touch, especially for medical purposes.encomiumsa speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highlydunto demand insistently; dusty grey/browndeigndo something that one considers to be below one's dignityexchequertreasury; Ex. Chancellor of the exchequer; British termabjectLowly, miserable and wretchedapprobationapproval or praisesenmity(n.) hatred, ill-willboatswaina ship's officer in charge of equipment and the crewmien(n.) air, manner; appearance; expressioncantoa major division of a long poemexpiate(v.) to make amends, make up for; to avertunwonted (antiquated)not usual or expectedforbearancepatient self-control; restraint and tolerancesupplicateto beg earnestly and humblybeseechto beg, plead, implorepromontory(n.) a high point of land extending into waterparoxysm(n.) a sudden outburst; a spasm, convulsionexecrateto denounce as vile or evil; to curse; to detestmiteA very small amount, portion, or particleepigrama witty saying expressing a single thought or observationbivouactemporary encampment; camp without tents; V.quiescencestillness; motionlessness; quality of being at restupbraidprattlemeaningless, foolish talkbetrothedengaged to be married; a person who is engaged to be marriedimprecateutter (a curse) or invoke (evil) against someone or somethingLiturgythe official public worship of the Churcheschewto avoid, shun, keep away fromhalestrong and healthytorpordormancy; sluggishness; inactivityabrogatecancel; deny; repeal