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Ray Robertson midterm


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Carver "Cathedral"
-blind man friends w/ wife
-lived in Seattle
-blind man visits home
-wife annoyed the Robert is disgusted by blind man
-Robert gets frustrated with small talk
-wife tries her best to make blind man comfortable
-Robert is very cynical
-blind man says 'bub'
-awkward small talk
-written in first person
Joyce "Araby"
-North Richmond street
-quiet street
-a priest has died
-many references to bible in priest's old house
=after they eat the street gets somber
-very poetic
-mentions of colour
-he lays on the floor to watch a brown woman that he is afraid of
-Irish names
-he thinks of her as hostile to romance
-he doesn't understand her prayers
-he discovers he likes her in the priest's old home that he moved in to
-she asks if he is going to Araby
-silver bracelet
-dialogue uses '-'
-his Irish parents are afraid of his affair (Freemason)
-uncle late for dinner
-Mrs. Mercer
-train moves slow
-ends in anger
Kincaid, "Girl"
-run-on sentence
-what girls can and can't do
Munroe "Gravel"
-lives near gravel pit
-sister Caro and her lived near gravel pit as children
-live in trailer with mother and her boyfriend Neal
-mother divorced father
-doesn't remember father
-Caro worried about Blitzee the dog when she brings in squirrels
-Neal and mom met in theatre
-mom got pregnant with Neal and had to tell husband
-she and mom get mail but are scared of wolf
-mom gets more scared as she's pregnant
-Caro wants to swim in pit but isn't allowed
-Neal gives Caro pot and mom threatens their father would take the kids away if he found out
-start visiting father
-visits stop when father gets sick in Cuba
-dog runs to pit and mom tells Caro to save her, but she isn't really drowning
-Caro throws in dog to save it
-Mom doesn't help because she is pregnant
-speaks like a child
-Caro drowns
-goes to counsellor
-baby Brent born before funeral
-Neal leaves mom
-she now has partner Ruthann
-alumni Gazette
-pools and drowning
Moore "You're Ugly Too"
-woman narrator
-Dow Jones
-Zoe Hendricks
-no relationships with men
-teacher in high school
-flies to Manhattan for Halloween with sisters
-physical femininity
-hired at school to avoid sex discrimination
-male colleagues don't take her seriously
-students' grades lacking
-wants to leave Illinois
-every man wants her to look like Heidi or Johanna Spyri
-book on humour in American presidency
-constant editing
-waits for mail
-buys home but won't personalize it
-Charlie and Evan want her to marry
-Murray Peterson decorator
Alexie "Do You Know Where I Am?"
-Sharon is college sweet hearts
-lots of dialogue
-Seattle, St. Jerome University
-Native American, Roman Catholic
-Spokane reservation
-white mom Mary raised him
-dad died of cancer
-'Native' couple in college
-snuck into dorms
-plan to elope
-go on walk and hear cat
-cried when they find stray cat
-David thinks Sharon is imagining
-lies to make her feel better
-looks for cat
-old couple has cat but he doesn't tell Sharon because he wants to be adored
-couple pays for finding cat
-Sharon very upset he lied and took money
-goes to parents
-Sharon is missing
-Sharon and David marry and have 4 kids
-"my husband the liar"
-Michael Joyce
-Sharon admits to having an affair
-says he's a bad husband
-Sharon gets cancer
Hemingway "Hills Like White Elephants"
-valley of Ebro
-lots of dialogue
-conversation with girl
-drinking beer
-disagree a lot
-talk about being fine
-loves but doesn't care about himself
-can't have the world
-at a train station
-says she's fine
Williams "Break In"
-Hoop breaks into house
-phases and 'the houses'
-tries to hook up with girl
-talk a lot about houses
-get caught
-call police
-hide and seek scene
-Hoop doesn't want to die
-'teen' dialect
Wolff "Powder"
-before Christmas
-skiing at Mt. Baker
-snuck into nightclub
-father keeps skiing promise
-dad is harsh
-'Right, doctor?'
-wants family back together
-finds driving with father thrilling
Ginsberg "A Supermarket in California"
-Walt Whitman
-written as paragraphs
-thinks about suffering Walt
Dickinson "I Would Not Paint A Picture"
-lots of '-'
-capitol letters
-wants to be a painting?
-'I would not...'
Loy "Three Moments in Paris"
-one o'clock at night
-big spaces
-man and woman
Shakespeare "Hamlet"
-to be or not to be
O'Hara "A True Account Of Talking to the Sun at Fire island"
-dialogue with sun
-6 stanzas
-far indent
O'Hara "Meditations In An Emergency"
-long and short stanzas
-lots of questions
-conflict with lover
-two questions then prose
-love of nature and people compromised
Snyder "I Went Into The Maverick Bar"
-some '-'
Porter "Lovers"
-very short lines
Whitman "Song of Myself"
-'I am'
-Earth of...
-ego boosting