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Repro Hormones/Drugs

What are the hormones involved in induction of lactation
Dopamine antagonism increases serum prolactin concentrations
Does progesterone inhibit follicular development?
No, although it may decrease estrous behavior and prolong estrus, it does not alter follicular development.
What hormonal methods are used to terminate pregnancy in the dog?
Progestogen and PGF2alpha
What are the effects of dopamine antagonists on the mare?
Induction of lactation, manipulation of seasonality, Tx of fescue toxicosis
What are the indications of progesterone vaginal implants?
Synchronize estrus
What is the length of tx for CIDR in the bovine and ovine species?
Bovine - 1 week; Ovine - 2 weeks
What are some new immunological methods for control of reproduction?
Anti-GnRH vaccine
What is the best hormone combination for estrus synchronization in the mare?
Progesterone and estradiol for 10 days with PGF2alpha on the last day
What are the common side effects of PGF2alpha in the female dogs?
Hypersalivation, micturition, vomiting, tachycardia, hyperpnea, defecation, diarrhea
What is the primary indication of FSH tx?
To induce superovulation in the horse, control follicle wave emergence.
What is the primary indication of hCG treatment?
Infertility - increases spermatogenesis, also ovulation
What are the drugs to stimulate lactation in a non-parturiant mare?
Progesterone, Estradiol and Domperidone