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Blood Plasma/Formed Elements

Percent blood that is plasma
Percent blood that is formed elements
What components in plasma
Proteins (albumin; controls blood volume and blood pressure, globulins, HDL LDL,) Electrolytes (ca++) Dissolved gases, nutrients and wastes
Formed elements
Erythrocytes (RBC) and platelets
How is blood type determined?
Particular antigen shown with antibodies of opposite antigen
What is anemia
Decrease in O2 carrying capacity
What is sickle cell anemia
When hemoglobin in red blood cells is released, cell changes shape to sickle shape
Neutrophils contain
lysosomal enzymes
basophils contain
heparin and histamine
lysosomal enzymes
no granular appearance
enter connective tissue, become macrophages, non specific attack
respond to specific antigens in the immune system
B cells attack what
bacterial infections
T Cells attack what
What are platelets for?
cell fragments containing clotting factors
What are three major steps for hemostasis?
1- platelet clumping at site of injury
2- Vasoconstriction, stimulated by substance released by platelets
3- Clotting, substances released fibrin and fibrinogen sticks
What does blood type O have?
Antibodies against both but not antigen
What does blood type AB have?
Antigens A and B but no antibodies