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Unit 4 -- Social Structure


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ascribed status
a position that is neither earned nor chosen but assigned
achieved status
a position that is earned or chosen
social structure
the underlying patterns of relationships in a group
a position a person occupies within a social structure
status set
all of the statuses that a person occupies at any particular time
master status
a position that strongly affects most other aspects of a person's life
an expected behavior associated with a particular status
a behavior that individuals can expect from others
a behavior that individuals are expected to perform toward others
role performance
the actual behavior of an individual in a role
social interaction
the process of influencing each other as people relate
role conflict
condition in which the performance of a role in one status interferes with the performance of a role in another status
role strain
condition in which the roles of a single status are inconsisten or conflicting
people living within defined territorial borders and sharing a common culture