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#37 - Patrymau

New patterns from Uned 37 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. Saying what you would do and what you would prefer.
Beth fyddech chi'n ei wneud gyda miliwn o bunnau?
What would you do with a million pounds?
Byddwn i'n symud i lan y môr
I would move to the seaside
Byddwn i'n mynd ar wyliau
I would go on holiday
Byddwn i'n prynu car drud
I would buy an expensive car
Byddwn i'n gwario'r lot
I would spend the lot
Fyddwn i ddim yn gwybod
I wouldn't know
Byddai'n well 'da fi aros gartre
I would rather stay at home
Byddai'n well 'da fi ymddeol yn gynnar
I would rather retire early
Byddai'n well 'da fi roi'r arian yn y banc
I would rather put the money in the bank
Byddai'n well 'da fi fynd ar gwrs Cymraeg am fis
I would rather go on a Welsh course for a month
Fyddech chi'n symud i lan y môr?
Would you move to the seaside? (chi)
Fyddech chi'n prynu car drud?
Would you buy an expensive car? (chi)
Fyddet ti'n fodlon rhoi'r arian yn y banc?
Would you be content to put the money in the bank? (ti)
Fyddet ti'n hapus?
Would you be happy? (ti)
Yes I would
Na fyddwn
No I wouldn't