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the choral lines following each episode (no action)


a dramatic scene involving actors (contains action and dialogue)


the point in the plot especially of a tragedy at which the protagonist recognizes his or her or some other character's true identity or discovers the true nature of his or her own situation


the purging of pity and fear in the audience

Deus ex machina

the employment of some unexpected and improbable incident in a play in order to make things right (the sudden appearance of a god or goddess to help a mortal out of an impossible situation)


a sudden or unexpected reversal of circumstances or situation especially in a literary work


dialogue especially of altercation or dispute delivered by two actors in alternating lines


an element in experience or art evoking pity or compassion (an emotion of sympathetic pity)


a type of drama that depicts the downfall of a noble person of high rank

Tragic Hero

a character, usually of high birth and neither totally good nor totally evil, whose downfall is brought about by some character flaw or error in judgement


tragic flaw


overreaching pride; arrogance (often causing the hero to transgress against the gods)

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