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Why Europeans Left for the New World

New World

name given to the Americas during the time of european exploration and colonization

Age of Exploration

a time in history when many explorers from Europe sailed the ocean to faraway and unfamiliar places like Africa and the Americas, in order to learn about them and make a map of the world


scientists who study human artifacts to learn about past cultures


people who traveled to new and unfamiliar places in order to learn what these places were like and describe them with words, pictures and maps

cash crop

a crop that is grown in large quantities for sale to other people


grain or fruit gathered from a field as a harvest during a particular season


rock or earth from which metal can be taken


a device that determines the distance of an object under water by recording echoes of sound waves


an instrument used by sailors to determine their location by observing the position of the stars and planets


a fruit found by Spanish explorers, they called in "pina de Indias" and later the English added "apple". So it was called pineapple.

deadly nightshade

a poisonous plant related to a tomato


Explorers discovered this tall, leafy plant that could be dried and smoked. Many Native Americans and Explorers became addicted to it.


a powdered version of tobacco that was inhaled or chewed

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