39 terms

#37 - Patrymau Estynedig

Extra patterns, building on the oral work in Uned 37.
Beth fyddech chi'n ei wneud gyda miliwn o bunnau?
What would you do with a million pounds? (chi)
Beth fyddet ti'n ei wneud gyda mil o bunnau?
What would you do with a thousand pounds? (ti)
Beth fydde fe'n ei wneud gyda chant o bunnau?
What would he do with a hundred pounds?
Beth fydde hi'n ei wneud gyda deg punt?
What would she do with ten pounds?
Beth fydden ni'n ei wneud gyda ugain punt?
What would we do with twenty pounds?
Beth fydden nhw'n ei wneud gyda phum punt?
What would they do with five pounds?
Beth fyddech chi'n ei wneud gyda biliwn o bunnau?
What would you do with a billion pounds?
Byddwn i'n symud i Nantucket
I would move to Nantucket
Byddwn i'n symud i'r cefn gwlad
I would move to the countryside
Byddwn i'n symud i'r dinas
I would move to the city
Byddwn i'n symud tramor
I would move abroad
Byddwn i'n prynu car trydan
I would buy an electric car
Byddwn i'n prynu clwb pêl-droed
I would buy a football club
Byddwn i'n prynu cacen fawr
I would buy a big cake
Byddwn i'n prynu tŷ newydd
I would buy a new house
Fyddet ti'n prynu car trydan?
Would you buy an electric car? (ti)
Fyddet ti'n prynu Kindle?
Would you buy a Kindle? (ti)
Fyddet ti'n prynu cyfrifiadur newydd?
Would you buy a new computer? (ti)
Fyddai fe'n prynu beic trydan?
Would he buy an electric bike?
Fyddai fe'n prynu teledu mawr?
Would he buy a big television?
Fyddai hi'n prynu tŷ yn Llangrannog?
Would she buy a house in Llangrannog?
Fyddai hi'n prynu geiriadur newydd?
Would she buy a new dictionary?
Byddwn i'n hapus
I would be happy
Byddet ti'n drist
You would be sad (ti)
Byddai fe'n dda
He would be good
Byddai hi'n grac
She would be angry
Bydden ni'n oer
We would be cold
Byddech chi'n gyfoethog
You would be rich (chi)
Bydden nhw'n enwog
They would be famous
Byddai'n well 'da fi deithio
I would rather travel
Byddai'n well 'da ti gysgu
You would rather sleep (ti)
Byddai'n well 'da fe redeg
He would rather run
Byddai'n well 'da hi fwyta sglodion
She would rather eat chips
Byddai'n well 'da ni ddysgu Cymraeg
We would rather learn Welsh
Byddai'n well 'da chi fynd i'r sinema
You would rather go to the cinema (chi)
Byddai'n well 'da nhw aros yng Nghymru
They would rather stay in Wales
Byddai'n well 'da Guto weithio rhan amser
Guto would rather work part time
Byddai'n well 'da Sioned chwarae dartiau
Sioned would rather play darts
Byddai'n well 'da'r tiwtor ymddeol
The tutor would rather retire