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Two-word verbs

ride in

ride a closed vehicle

ride on

ride a vehicle with no cover/roof, a big vehicle, or an animal.

call up

call over the telephone

call on

visiting a person

call off

to suspend or to stop a meeting or appointment

give up

to stop trying

give away

to reveal, or to give as a gift

give back

to return

look at

to see or gaze at something or someone

look up

to search a word or topic

look out

carefully watch for

turn up

to raise or increase

turn down

to lower or decrease

fill out

to answer the questionaire or form

turn on

to make an appliance or machine works

turn off

to stop an appliance from working

put on

to clothe one's self with

put off

to delay or postpone

take off

the act of rising in a flight

take charge

to assume command or contract

put out

to stop to publish

try on

to wear and see if it fits

look for

to search and find

look after

to take care

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