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Two-Word Verbs

Two-word verbs
ride in
ride a closed vehicle
ride on
ride a vehicle with no cover/roof, a big vehicle, or an animal.
call up
call over the telephone
call on
visiting a person
call off
to suspend or to stop a meeting or appointment
give up
to stop trying
give away
to reveal, or to give as a gift
give back
to return
look at
to see or gaze at something or someone
look up
to search a word or topic
look out
carefully watch for
turn up
to raise or increase
turn down
to lower or decrease
fill out
to answer the questionaire or form
turn on
to make an appliance or machine works
turn off
to stop an appliance from working
put on
to clothe one's self with
put off
to delay or postpone
take off
the act of rising in a flight
take charge
to assume command or contract
put out
to stop to publish
try on
to wear and see if it fits
look for
to search and find
look after
to take care