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Fuinseog tri thine
an ashtree on fire
Gruaig do chinn
the hair of your head
ag mealladh fuiseoige
coxing a lark
le do ghlor binn
with your sweet voice
I bhfear glas
in the green grass
is scata noinini
a crowd of daisies
ag sugradh leat
playing with you
is scata coinini
a crowd of rabbits
ag damhsa leat
dancing with you
an lon dubh
the blackbird
is a orghob
with its gold bill
mar sheoid leat
is a jewel for you
lasair choille
the goldfinch
is a binneas
with its sweetness
mar choel leat
is your music
is cumhracht tusa
you are perfume
is mil, is su talun
you are honey, a wild strawberry
ceapann na neacha fein
even the bees think you
gur blath sa phairc thu
a flower in the field
a bhanrion og thir na leabhar
little queen of the land of books
go raibh tu mar seo go deo
may you be always thus
go raibh tu soar I gconai
may you ever be free
o shlabhra an bhroin
from sorrow-chains