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confident(adj) believe in own abilitycooperative(adj) ready to help reach an objectivecowardly(adj) not bravecrazy(adj) having very strange ideas/behaviourcreative(adj) imaginative; has lots of new ideasdishonest(adj) telling lies and untruthsdisloyal(adj) not loyaldull(adj) boring, or not interestingelegance(noun) the state of showing grace in style and mannerselegant(adj) graceful or refined in appearance or behaviorexperienced(adj) has knowledge or skills through past actions or workfair(adj) treating people without discrimination or favouritismfit(adj) in good physical healthfriendly(adj) kind, pleasantfunny(adj) hilariousgenerosity(noun) being kind and happy to contributegenerous(adj) kind and happy to contributegood at(adj) able to do something wellgreed(noun) avarice; excessive desire for material thingsgreedy(adj) wanting more than you needgrumpy(adj) in a bad moodhard-working(adj) doing a job seriously and with a lot of efforthelpful(adj) ready to give help.honest(adj) truthfulhonesty(noun) the quality of being truthfulindependent(adj) autonomous and freeinexperienced(adj) without much experience or knowledge of somethinginsensitive(adj) showing or feeling no concern for other people's feelingsinteresting(adj) fascinatingirresponsible(adj) showing little care for consequenceskind(adj) nice, helpfullaziness(noun) indolence; act of avoiding worklazy(adj) not wanting to work or be activeliar(noun) a person who does not tell the truthloyal(adj) giving or showing constant supportloyalty(noun) devotion and duty to someone or somethingmean(adj) unkindmiserable(adj) very unhappymodest(adj) humble; not proudmodesty(noun) the virtue of being humble; free of pridemysterious(adj) strange and enigmaticoutgoing(adj) happy to meet and interact with otherspassion(noun) enthusiasmpassionate(adj) having enthusiasm for somethingpessimistic(adj) tends to imagine the worst possible resultpopular(adj) liked by many peoplepositive(adj) optimistic; confidentquiet(adj) making little or no noisereliable(adj) invariably good in performanceresponsibility(noun) dutyresponsible(adj) can be trusted to do a jobselfish(adj) caring only about yourself and not other peoplesensible(adj) acts with intelligence and prudencesensitive to(adj) easily upset by the things people say or doserious(adj) formal and thoughtfulshy(adj) timidsociable(adj) happy to talk to peoplestupid(adj) not intelligentsuccessful(adj) having obtained fame, money or social statussure of yourself(adj) very confidenttalented(adj) having a natural abilityteam-player(adj) works well with othersuncommunicative(adj) taciturn; doesn't like talkinguncooperative(adj) not ready to help reach an objectiveunfair(adj) treating people without discrimination or favouritismunfit(adj) not in good physical healthunhelpful(adj) not ready to give helpunkind(adj) mean, nastyunpopular(adj) not liked by many peopleunsuccessful(adj) having obtained nothing