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Destination B2 - unit 8 The media, phrasals and expressions En


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to bring up (a subject)
to introduce a topic
to come on
start to be broadcast
to come out
to be published
to fill in (a form)
to write the necessary information on an official document
to flick through (a magazine)
look at the pages quickly
to go into (the matter)
to examine sth in detail
to hand out
to distribute
to look up
find information about
to make out
pretend, claim falsely that something is true
to make out (what they're saying)
be able to understand
to make up (a story)
to invent
to put forward (a plan)
to suggest sth
to see through sth
to realize sth
to stand out
to be very easy to see or notice
to turn over a page
to move a page
to be in control of
to have power over sth
to take control of
to assume control of
under the control of
under the influence, power of sth
to be out of control
be disruptive, misbehave
to make a difference to (you)
to matter
to tell the difference between
to distinguish between two things
to take sb for granted
not appreciate sb
to take sth for granted
to believe something to be the truth without even thinking about it
to influence (the result)
to have impact on sth
to have an influence on sb
to have impact on sb
to surf the Internet
to look quickly through information on the internet for anything that interests you
to be in the news
to appear in the TV news program
to see sth on the news
to see sth on the TV news program
to take place
to happen
in place of
instead of
at (Peter's) place
at somebody's house
to question sb
to interrogate sb
(the problem) in question
in the area of interest
to hold a view that
to have an opinion
to take a view that
to believe that
it's (my) view that
it's my opinion
in my view
I think
in view of
because of
to watch out for
to be careful about
according to (experts)
experts say
to comment on (the situation)
to express the opinion about
to make a comment about (the match)
to express the opinion about
to confuse sth with sth
to mix things up
to be confused about
to be muddled about sth
to hear from sb
to receive a letter, telephone call, or other message from someone
to be likely to do sth
probably do sth
to persuade sb to
convince sb to do sth
there is no point in doing sth
it makes no sense to do sth
by surprise
happen unexpectedly
surprised at sth
taken aback by sth
happening without anyone being told or warned in advance
a belief
a thought that a person holds about something
doubt about the truth of something
not seeming true or real
an editorial
A report in a newspaper or on TV that gives an opinion about something.
having no humour
not providing particularly useful or interesting information
to empower
To give power or authority to
to ridicule
to make fun of
something deserving or inspiring ridicule; quality or state of being absurd, preposterous, or silly
not recorded in writing