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vocabulary and characters

Yoko Kawashima

11 years old, the youngest one, lives in Nanam, hometown: Japan, Little one- nickname- parents and Ko, Noisy one- hideyo, Yoko- to portect or embrace, favorite subject- English, best friend- Mr. Naido

Ko Kawashima

Yoko's 16 year old sister, smart, kind and, funny, tall and broad- shouldered, good at sewing

Hideyo Kawashima

Yoko's 18 year old brother, the oldest, is to stupid for the army, goes to work in a factory 20 miles from Nanam

Mother Kawashima

the mother, short and slightly built, dies in Kyoto, always had carried alot of money in her cloth

Father ( Yoshio ) Kawashima

the father, a japanese government official, works in Manchuria, comes home by train when he can, and disagrees with the Japanese government

Dr. Yamada

doctor in Nanam, a friend of Father K., bald, and treats patients with a smile

Prime Minister Tojo

the japanese prime minister

Mr. Enomoto

Yoko's school teacher in Nanam

Kawahima Grandparents

the mother and father's parents died in the July bombing, lived in northern Japan: Aomori

Mr. ***ui

Yoko's dance teacher in Nanam

Major Ryu

An army doctor in Nanam

Corporal Matsamura

visits the Kawashimas alot, tells them stories of Japan, is knowledgeable in classical poetry and has translated many poems into modern Japanese, had been assigned to the Niigata Army Hospital in the homeland, nut as his ship had crossed the Sea of Japan, it was attacked by American bombers, he floated on a piece of Driftwood for four days until a fishing boat rescued him. His hometown, Morioka, a castle town where long ago, Lord Taira had lived and governed the district; He had taken over his Father's silk thread and textile business, which had been passed down from ancestors who had woven materials for the lord of the castle and his family.

The Lees

Kawashima family friends, have been working for the Kawashimas faithfully for years, they are Koreans but they are not communists, they end up dead when Hideyo and his friends drop by for some clothes

Dr. Takeda

escapee border doctor, Father Kawashima and the doctor's father were friends at the University, very nice to the family when he is treating Yoko

Shoichi, Shinzo, and Makoto

Hideyo's factory friends that have been with him since kindergarten

Sagano Girls' School

two story school in Kyoto, stood at the foot of Atago Mountain that was surrounded by camellias and bamboo trees, yoko's new school, tuition is 30 yen a month plus the cost of supplies and books

Miss Asada

the pretty, well dressed school clerk

Mr. Ishida

the principal

Mr. Yoshida

the teacher

The girls at the school

all of them have long hair, some in braids, they call her "rag doll" and "trash picker"; they all wear fine clothes and are very wasteful, most of their fathers are very prestigous, and they are all spoiled brats

Mr. and Mrs. Masuda

Mrs. Masuda had watched Yoko and Ko since they had arrived in Kyoto, she owns a small geta (clog) factory on the west side of town, she offers housing to Ko and Yoko (they take it), she pays for Mother Kawashima's funeral truck, Ko and Yoka make a small altar for their mother in their room at the Masuda's house

Mr. Naido

the janitor for Sagano girls' school, he stutters alot, He gives Yoko a lot of used supplies before he throws them in the furnace, he collects cans and sells them for money, Yoko's best friend

The Kim Family

Mr. and Mrs. Kim and their two boys Hee Cho (16) and Hee Wang (18), they lived in a small farmhouse near the thirty- eighth parallel, they help him survive, nurse him back to health, and treat him like another son; He helps the boys learn new things. Mr. Kim was a poor farmer who gave almost all his earnings to the government


a women's one piece undergarment, similar to a slip


to move away from a place, especially for protection


a thin mattress placed on the floor, in place of a bed


light, yellowish brown




violently rushing streams of water




to remember things from long ago


painful, intolerable


to follow and observe someone




to keep going despite hardships


resentfully, harshly


treat someone with disrespect


physical or mental pain, suffering


to run about playfully








ugly, disformed


forceful in speaking


disturbance, disorder


dipping a fat or thin brush in India ink and writing in script or in characters



Bu Un Cho Kyu

Good Luck In War




the student army




bean paste


the hot Korean pickle




an expression of sadness

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