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word processing
A software used to create, edit, and print text documents. it also has features that make it easy to add graphics to the text. word processing software can be used to create letters, memos, flyers, books, newsletters,brochures
Double Spacing
One blank line is in between your text lines.
Slant your text.
Creates a blank document.
Print & Print review
Print preview is a function provided for displaying a page, document or any other material before it is sent to a printer.
A clipboard is a temporary storage area for data that the user wants to copy from one place to another.
Font color
Change color of font text.
Super script
Type very small letters above the line of text.
Make your text darker.
Sort ascending descending
Arranges the selected text alphabetical or numerical order.
center alignment
Align your content in the middle of the document.
Changes the color behind the selected text, paragraph, or table cell.
Find & Replace
Locates and or replaces specified text in a document.
Cover page
Inserts a fully formatted cover page.
Online pictures and word art
Finds and inserts pictures from a variety of online sources, And inserts decorative text into your document.
Inserts a link into your document for quick access to web pages and files.
Text box
Inserts text boxes into a document.
Margins (default size)
Amount of space at the top, bottom, right, and left of your document.default setting is 1" on all sides.
Vertical layout of page orientation.
Page color
chooses a color for the background of the page.
Suggests other words with similar meaning to the word that you have selected.
Default font and font size
Word default font and font size is calibri body at 11.
save and save as
A command to save any changes to your document, A command to rename a document at the same time as moving it to a new location.
Cut & copy & paste
Removes data form one area, stores it in the clipboard, ready to be placed to a different location, And duplicates data from one area, stores it in the clipboard, ready to be placed to a different location, And also Places copied or cut text or graphics to a different location.
Opens document.
closes document.
Type of style of text (default is calibri body).
Change case
Change the selected text to uppercase, Lowercase, or other common capitalization's.
Type very small letters below the line of text.
A symbol used to separate a list.
Shows paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols such as spaces and tabs.
Justified Alignment
Align your content with both left and right margins.
Adds lines around pictures or text.
Selects entire document for changes.
Blank page
Inserts a blank page anywhere in your document.
Shapes & smart art
Inserts ready made shapes, such as circles , squares and arrows, And insert a smart art graphic to "visually" communicate information.
Headers & Footers
Inserts information to top and bottom of document.
Page orientation
Switches between portrait layout and landscape layout.
Splits text into two or more columns.
Creates and prints envelopes.
creates and prints labels.
If you make a mistake, use Undo to go back. If you go back too far, use Redo.
single space
No blank lines are in your text lines.
Inserts line underneath your text.
Word wrap
in a text document, this feature automatically moves to the next line when the next line hits the right margin.The only time you strike the enter key is when you are inserting a blank line or beginning a new paragraph.
Increase font
Make your text a little bit bigger.
decease font
Make your ext a little bit smaller.
Font size
Size of text (default is 11).
Make your text pop by highlighting it in a bright color.
strike through
Crosses something out by putting a line through it.
Automatically starts a numbered list.
Left alignment
Align your content with the left margin.
right alignment
Align your content with the right margin.
Page borders
A line that runs around the margins of the page of a document.
Table & Rows & Columns
A grid of rows, columns that organize information so its easy to find and understand.
page break
Ends current page and inserts new page.
Insert a chart to illustrate and compare data.
Page numbers
Inserts page numbers onto pages of document
Inserts symbols that are not on your keyboard, such as copy right, trademark and check marks.
Vertical layout
spelling/grammar check
Checks the spelling and grammar of the text in a document.
Inserts "ghosted text behind the content of the page. The faint watermark is a great way to show that the document requires special treatment with out distracting from the content. Confidential and urgent are two examples.
Opens the zoom dialogue box to specify the zoom level of the document. Also note the shortcut in the right corner of the screen