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Notes from PTA Exam Study guide by scorebuildrs.
C1 Myotome
C2 Myotome
Longus Colli, Sternocleidomastoid, Rectus Capitis
C3 Myotome
Trapezius, Splenius Capitis
C4 Myotome
Trapezius, Levator Scapulae
C5 Myotome
Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Deltoid, Biceps
C6 Myotome
Biceps, Supinator, Wrist Extensors
C7 Myotome
Triceps, Wrist flexors
C8 Myotome
Ulnar Deviators, Thumb Extensors, Tumb Adductors
T1-T2 Myotome
Weakness of intrinsic muscles of the hand, Dural and nerve root stress has T1 elbow flexion with arm horizontal. T1 and T2 scapulae forward and backward on chest wall. Neck flexion at any thoracic level.
T3-T12 Myotome
Articular and dural signs and root pain are common. Root signs are rare and have such indefiinite area that they have litt localizing value. Weakness is not detectable.
L1 Myotome
L2 Myotome
Psoas, hip adductors
L3 Myotome
Psoas, quadriceps, thigh atrophy
L4 Myotome
Tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis
L5 Myotome
Extensor Hallucis, Peroneals, Gluteus Medius, Dorsiflexors, Hamstrings and Calf Atrophy
S1 Myotome
Calf and Hamstring, Wasting of Gluteals, Peroneals, Plantar Flexors
S2 Myotome
Calf and Hamstring, Wasting of Gluteals, Plantar Flexors
S3 Myotome
S4 Myotome
Bladder, Rectum
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