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someone who is cruel enjoys causing pain to other people or animals, or enjoys making them unhappy or upset

I think they're _______ because crocodiles are wild animals.
likely to harm or kill someone, or to damage or destroy something

Strong winds can be very __________.
the state of being dead

Cleaning windows isn't an easy job. But for James, it can be a life or _______ task.
to give a performance that people enjoy

Every day Malee risks her life to _______ tourists.
the tools, machines, or other things that you need for a particular job or activity

James had to have special training and he uses a lot of safety ____________.
very great in degree

James is an _________ window cleaner and cleans tall office buildings up to 30 floors high.
a man who catches fish for fun or as his job

A _____________ catches fish.
a high place or position

You don't have to be Spiderman but you mustn't be scared of ________s.
extremely large in size

Crocodiles' teeth are _____.
if you are lucky, something good happens to you as a result of luck

In the show she puts her arm in the mouth of a crocodile. Will Marlee always be _______?
to behave in a particular way because of something that is happening around you or something that someone is doing to you

Malee has to know how crocodiles behave. She also has to know how to _______ quickly!
to do something that makes it possible for something important or valuable to be destroyed, damaged, or lost

Some people _____ their lives because they need a job.
a very tall building containing offices or flats

Strong winds or rain can be very dangerous when you're on the outside of a __________.
something that you have to do, often something that is difficult or unpleasant

Cleaning windows isn't an easy _______.
a wild animal or plant lives or grows on its own in natural conditions and is not raised by humans

Crocodiles are ____ animals.

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