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  1. TaNaK
  2. minor prophets
  3. major prophets
  4. idolatry
  5. catechesis
  1. a a popular designation for the Hebrew Scriptures
  2. b Twelve prophets who have books of the Old Testament named for them
  3. c Worship of something other than the true God
  4. d Education in the faith
  5. e For example, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekial

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  1. first part of the Bible; it is the inspired record of Salvation History before the coming of Jesus Christ
  2. Matthew,Mark,Luke and John
  3. wise men who taught about the ways of God for a people struggling to live as a community
  4. came from experiences the people had with God and with eachother
  5. A greek word for "revelation"

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  1. canona popular designation for the Hebrew Scriptures


  2. apocryphal booksAlso referred to as deuterocanonical


  3. Ketubimmeaning "Prophets"


  4. remnantThe official list of inspired books in the Bible


  5. Biblehas been translated into more than two thousand languages