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  1. Torah
  2. Septuagint
  3. Ketubim
  4. Evangelist
  5. Numbers
  1. a From a word that means "seventy"
  2. b meaning "Writings"
  3. c Matthew,Mark,Luke and John
  4. d meaning "law", the fist five books of the Bible,or Pentateuch
  5. e picks up the story of the Jews in the desert and takes them to the border of the Promised Land

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  1. first part of the Bible; it is the inspired record of Salvation History before the coming of Jesus Christ
  2. Twelve prophets who have books of the Old Testament named for them
  3. wise men who taught about the ways of God for a people struggling to live as a community
  4. the work of several writers and editiors
  5. meaning "Prophets"

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  1. Biblehis poetic images are drawn from rural life, and his viewpoint was that of a peasant outraged by the injustices landowners committed against the poor


  2. patriarchsAbraham,Isaac, and Jacob


  3. apocryphal booksA greek word for "revelation"


  4. Sirachmeaning "law", the fist five books of the Bible,or Pentateuch


  5. deuterocanonicalRefers to books in the Old Testament not found in the Hebrew Scripture