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Lennox to Ross

What a haste looks through his eyes! so should he look that seems to speak things strange.

Malcolm to King

My liege, they are not yet come back.

Lennox to Macbeth

The night has been unruly. Where we play our chimenys were blown down and as they say, lamentings heard i' the' air.

Macduff to self

Ring the alarum bell. Murder and treason! Banquo and donalbain! malcolm! awake!

Donalbain to Malcolm

There's daggers in men's smiles; the near in blood, the nearer bloddy.

Macduff to Ross

Malcolm and Donalbai, the king's two songs, are stol'n away and fle dwhich puts upon them suspicion of the deed

Armed head

Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! beware macduff!

Bloody child

Be bloody, bold and resolute

Child crowned with a tree

Be lion-mettled, proud and take no care

Macduff to Malcolm

Let us rather hold fast the mortal sword and like good men bestride our down fall'n birthdom.

Macduff to Malcolm

I am not treacherous

Macduff to Malcolm

bleed bleed pour country, greaty tyranny lay though thy basis sure

Macduff to Malcolm

Not in the legions of horrid hell can come a devil more damned in evils to top Macbeth

Macduff to Macbeth

I have no words: my voice is my sword thou bloodier villain than terms can give thee out!

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