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  1. Imprinting
  2. Concrete operations is
  3. Authoritarian
  4. Attachment
  5. Permissive
  1. a Parenting style where parents word is law, children are to obey and to not obey = punishment for the children.
  2. b The stage is also known as the age of reason and the child is more logical and reasonable
  3. c Social bonding between members of the same species
  4. d The attachment between human mother and infant
  5. e Parenting style in which few rules are presented, a child's freedom is maximized and punishment is considered harmful for the child.

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  1. The baby/person is insecure for life
  2. Performed studies on imprinting using geese, ducks and chicks as subjects.
  3. States there are four stages of development in the human mind:
    Sensory motor
    Concrete and
  4. Researcher who was an expert in parenting style
  5. Authoritative parenting.

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  1. Children of Permissive parentsHave better self control and are psychologically healthy


  2. Margaret AinsworthHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


  3. Harry and Margaret MarlowPerformed studies of maternal seperation on mother and infant Reeses monkeys


  4. In the Formal operations stageThe stage of human development after age 11 onward


  5. 6 monthsHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


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