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  1. The preffered style of parenting is
  2. Preoperational is
  3. Concrete operations
  4. Wire or terry cloth objects
  5. Preoperational
  1. a The substitutes provided to infant monkeys in place of their mothers
  2. b The developmental stage between the ages of 2-7
  3. c The stage of development where fantasy, pretend play, imaginary friends and creativity are prevalent
  4. d Authoritative parenting.
  5. e The stage of human development from ages 7 to 11

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  1. An adult monkey who is a loner, is antisocial, has increased homosexual tendencies and beats and or kills any young they have
  2. Parenting style in which few rules are presented, a child's freedom is maximized and punishment is considered harmful for the child.
  3. Researcher who was an expert in parenting style
  4. States there are four stages of development in the human mind:
    Sensory motor
    Concrete and
  5. Type of attachment where baby has trust and is able to be left with a non mom caregiver

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  1. When a babies needs are NOT metThe baby/person is insecure for life


  2. KidsHave the power in permissive parenting


  3. PiagetHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


  4. Harry and Margaret MarlowPerformed studies on imprinting using geese, ducks and chicks as subjects.


  5. ParentsHave the power in Authoritarian parenting