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  1. Children of Authoritarian parents
  2. Imprinting
  3. Insecure attachment
  4. Two way street
  1. a The "bad" type of attachment
  2. b Social bonding between members of the same species
  3. c Behave, are polite, non disruptive, shy, introverted and are anxious during tests
  4. d When kids and parents share the power in their relationship

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  1. Performed studies of maternal separation on human mothers and infants
  2. Performed studies of maternal seperation on mother and infant Reeses monkeys
  3. Have the power in permissive parenting
  4. Performed studies on imprinting using geese, ducks and chicks as subjects.
  5. States there are four stages of development in the human mind:
    Sensory motor
    Concrete and

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  1. ParentsHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


  2. Diana BaumrindThe attachment between human mother and infant


  3. PiagetHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


  4. Came up with the 3 "styles" of parentingDiana Baumrind


  5. In the Formal operations stageThe person has gained full abstract mental ability and the brain has fully developed


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