14 terms

Science 111710

Synthesis reaction
A reaction in which two or more substances combine to form a new compound.
Decomposition reaction
A reaction in which a single compound breaks down to form tow or more simpler substances.
Combustion reaction
The oxidation reaction of an organic compound, in which heat is released.
Single-displacement reaction
A reaction in which one element or radiacal takes the place of another element or radical in a compound.
Double-displacement reaction
A reaction in which a gas, a solid precipitate, or a molecular compound forms from the apparent exchange of atoms or ions between two compounds.
Oxidation-reduction reaction
Any chemical change in which one species is oxidized (loses electron) and another species is reduced (gains electrons); also called REDOX reaction.
An organic group that has one or more electrons available for bonding.
What reactions made larger molecules?
What reaction breaks compouns apart.
What happens in compustion
Substances react to oxygen.
What happens in a single-displacement reaction?
Elements appear to trade places.
Ions appear to move between compounds in what type of reaction?
Double-displacement reaction.
What is the result of the double-displacement reaction
- solids that settle out of solution
- gas that bubbles out of solution
- and/or a molecular substance
What happens in a redox reaction?
Electrons transfer from one substance to another.