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Which of the following is used to download Windows updates using the network's idle bandwidth?


__________ is a program that downloads updates from the Microsoft Update Web site, stores them for administrative evaluation, and deploys the updates when they are released by the administrators.


The best way to configure the WSUS clients is through ______________.

Group policies

______________________ is a set of extensions to the Windows Driver Model that provides an operating system interface through which instrumented components provide information and notification interface to managed resources in Windows and it is used to create scripts to configure performance parameters.


Logs are traditionally text files, but the Windows operating systems have long used a graphical application called ___________ to display the log information gathered by the operating system.

Event Viewer

Which of the following is NOT a traditional type of Windows Log?


You can use the ___________ console on one computer to connect to another computer and display its logs.

Event Viewer

What system rating quantifies capabilities of Windows 7 computer by breaking it down into categories and assigning each one a rating?


What tool can display information for hundreds of different statistics in a variety of ways so you can get a thorough picture of how well your system is performing?

Performance Monitor

To capture counter statistics in the Performance Monitor console for later review, you must create a(n) ________________.


What tool automatically tracks events that can have a negative effect on system stability and uses them to calculate a stability index?

Reliability Monitor

What program quickly shows the current processes and how much memory each process takes?

Task Manager

Which program displays a more comprehensive breakdown of process and performance statistics than the Task Manager does?

Resource Monitor

What program is used to configure and troubleshoot the Windows 7 startup process?

System Configuration tool

_________ is known as virtual memory in Windows 7.

Paging files

Which of the following is used to increase a computer's memory capacity using nonvolatile memory in the form of a USB flash drive or a flash memory card?


What is a caching routine that enables Windows 7 to restore user access to applications faster than Windows XP?


ReadyBoost requires a computer with USB 2.0 interface and a ________ or larger flash drive.

256 MB

What service or program does WSUS require to operate?


A computer is considered to be working too hard if the processor utilization is consistently more than ______.


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