25 terms

Chapter 10

Which of the following is NOT used during the authentication process?
Something the user believes in
Which of the following authentication methods does a password follow?
Something the user knows
Which of the following authentication methods does biometrics follow?
Something the user is.
What do you call the process that tries every combination of characters, numbers, or symbols until a password is guessed?
Brute force
Which of the following does NOT weaken the effectiveness of a password?
Random characters
What option is used to make sure a user does not reuse the same password when changing a password?
Enforce Password History
What option enables strong passwords on a Windows 7 system?
Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements
To configure password settings such as a minimum password age or a password must meet Complexity Requirements, you use __________.
Group policies
Which value defines the number of invalid logon attempts that trigger an account lockout?
Account Lockout Threshold
What tool is used to store and quickly retrieve the usernames and passwords for servers and Web sites that you have visited?
Credential Manager
What is a credit card-like device that contains a chip on which is stored a digital certificate that helps identify a particular user?
Smart card
What standard does Windows 7 include to support smart cards?
What is a used to encrypt files when using the Encrypting File System (EFS)?
Digital certificate
Which command enables you to execute a command as an administrator while logged in as a standard user?
Run as
To reset your password if you forget the administrator password for a computer running Windows 7, you should create a ____________.
Password reset disk
What are policies that define specific operating system functions?
User rights
What component in Windows 7 provides a centralized console that enables users and administrators to access, monitor, and configure the various Windows 7 security mechanism?
Action Center
A(n) _____________ is a software program that protects a computer by allowing certain types of network traffic in and out of the system while blocking others.
What type of application do users inadvertently download and run which can open a connection to a computer on the Internet, enabling an attacker on the outside to run programs or store data on the system?
Trojan horse
Which program would you use to configure your IPSec connections?
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Which of the following is a type of software that gathers information about computer users and transmits it back to the attacker?
What software component is used to protect against spyware?
Windows Defender
When Windows Defender is updated, it updates its ___________ so that it knows how to detect and deal with new spyware.
The ________________ is a feature of NTFS that encrypts the files on a computer so that even if an intruder can obtain a file, he is unable to read it.
Encrypting File System
What component can run a machine that is not part of the domain to control access to specific Internet sites?
Parental Control