Mr Smith Goes To Washington


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Jefferson Smith
Newly Appointed Senator; leader and organizer of the Boy Rangers
Senator Joseph Paine
The senior senator from the state.He is very powerful and respected in the Senate.
Jim Taylor
A businessman and political party boss from the state.
Miss Saunders
Senator Paine's secretary.
Governor Huber "Happy" Hopper
Governor of the state in the movie.
Chick McGann
Jim Taylor's helper
Diz Moore
Newspaper reporter who covers the Senate for his newspaper. A friend of Ms Saunders.
Susan Paine
Senator Paine's daughter
Movie takes place in a fictional U.S. state and in our nation's capital of Washington DC
What gift do the Boy Rangers give Mr Smith at his party?
When the newspaper reporters interview Mr Smith, what does he tell them he would like to do for the country?
A national boys camp to teach American ideals
What is Ms Saunders' first name?
What does Senator Paine accuse Mr Smith of doing?
Stealing money from kids
When Mr Smith returns to the Senate and takes the floor to speak, what does he do to prove that he is innocent?
He starts a filibuster.
How do the children help Mr Smith?
They print a newspaper trying to give Smith's side and they protest against Taylor's accusations.
What did you learn about the legislative process and how a bill becomes a law from watching the movie? (3 things)
a) steps of how a bill becomes a law
b) How to introduce a bill
c) Filibusters
While Mr Smith in on the train talking with Senator Paine, how do they say Mr Smith's father die?
He was shot in the back.
What does Mr Smith say he would like to do in the morning before he goes to the Senate for the first time?
Go to Mount Vernon
Why is Mr Smith angry and punching all of the news reporters?
They're making him look foolish.
Why is Willet Creek important to Mr Smith? Why is it important to Jim Taylor and Senator Paine?
Mr Smith wants to build a national boys camp, but that's where Jim and Paine want to build a dam.
Why does Susan Paine keep Mr Smith away from the Senate?
So he won't hear the bill that deals with Willet Creek Dam
How does Mr Smith find out?
Ms Saunders
After the Senate hearing, where does Mr Smith go? Who finds him? What do they decide to do?
He goes to the Lincoln memorial. Saunders finds him and he decides to fight back to clear his name.
In the end, what happens to Senator Paine?
He confessed then tried to kill himself