Walk Two Moons, Chapters 1-15


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How did Salamanca Tree Hiddle get her name?
from an indian tribe and a tree
How is Margaret's house different from Sal's house in Kentucky?
Margaret's house has less trees
Why did Sal's dad start chipping away at the plaster wall at their house in Kentucky?
he was waiting to hear from Sal's mother
How did Gramp and Gramps decided which stops to make on the road trip?
They stopped where Sal's mother had stopped
How does Sal describe her new house in Ohio?
small and cramped
What does this quote mean? "...the story of Phoebe was like the plaster wall in our old house in Bybanks, Kentucky."
Under Phoebe's story is something hidden, like the fireplace behind the wall
Why does Phoebe think Sal is brave?
because Sal carried a spider in her hands
What is the difference between Sal's two sets of grandparents, the Hiddles and the Pickfords?
Hiddles = fun and sweet; Pickfords = respectable
Why didn't Sal's dad trust Gram and Gramps?
they always got into trouble when they went on road trips
Why was Gramps glad that the boy on the riverbanks was there?
Because he knew how to treat a snake bite
Who did the boy at the Winterbottom's door want want to speak to?
Mrs. Winterbottom
Where did Grams and Gramps meet?
What happened when Sal and Phoebe went to the Finney's house?
Mr. Finney was reading in the tub, Mary Lou's brothers were squirting each other with squirt guns, Ben kissed Sal on the collarbone
How did Sal/s father act differently at Margaret's house?
He was happier
What did Gramps do when he didn't have enough money for the parking meter in Madison?
He wrote a note