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  1. Jesus performed miracles ___________________.
  2. Simon, also called Peter, and his brother _____ were the first two Apostles that Jesus called.
  3. James and______, the sons of Zebedee, were also called to be Jesus' Apostles.
  4. The Apostle ______ left his job as a tax collector to follow Jesus' call.
  5. Jesus' miracles showed that the ________had begun.
  6. Jesus' healing and forgiveness were special signs that he was not only human but ______.

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  1. healing and forgivenessIn the Gospels we can read about how Jesus healed Bartimaeus, the ________.


  2. miraclesIn witnessing Jesus' _______, the disciples saw Jesus' power to act in ways that went beyond the ordinary laws of nature.


  3. SabbathThe is a__________ day set apart to rest and honor God.


  4. IsaiahJesus teaches us that when we seek his healing, whether from physical ills, from hurt, or from the suffering caused by sin, we must have _____.


  5. disciplesJesus' _______ were men and women who traveled with Jesus, witnessed his healings and miracles, and heard his preaching.


  6. ApostlesThe word ________ means "one who is sent."