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  1. hyperventilation
  2. apogee
  3. pusillanimous
  4. terra cotta
  5. phantasm
  1. a Cowardly; fearful.
  2. b A phantom; an apparition; something unreal, as in a dream or a vision.
  3. c 1. The point in its orbit when a planet or satellite (usually the moon) is farthest from the earth
    2. The highest point; culmination; apex
  4. d Ceramic clay used in pottery, statuary, and construction.
  5. e The condition of taking abnormally fast, deep breaths.

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  1. 1. Strong desire for achievement; ambition toward a long-range goal.
    2. Expulsion of breath in speaking.
  2. A high ridge of land jutting into a body of water; a headland.
  3. 1. to go to the country.
    2. To cause to become rustic.
  4. 1. Pertaining to the earth and its inhabitants.
    2. Referring to land as distinct from water or air.
  5. Rich, dark organic material formed by decay of vegetable matter, essential to soil's fertility.

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  1. ethereal1. The regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere; the heavens.
    2. A highly flammable liquid anesthetic.


  2. rustic1. to go to the country.
    2. To cause to become rustic.


  3. equanimityComposure and calm in stressful conditions; equilibrium.


  4. mountebankA swindler; a charlatan; a trickster.


  5. paramount1. Pertaining to a Christian minister or the duties accompanying the office.
    2. Referring to life in open country or to fields for farming or grazing.
    3. Pertaining to an idealized rural life.