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  1. rusticate
  2. inter
  3. pusillanimous
  4. pastoral
  5. ethereal
  1. a To bury; to place in a grave.
  2. b 1. to go to the country.
    2. To cause to become rustic.
  3. c Cowardly; fearful.
  4. d 1. Spiritlike in lightness and delicacy.
    2. Heavenly; celestial.
  5. e 1. Pertaining to a Christian minister or the duties accompanying the office.
    2. Referring to life in open country or to fields for farming or grazing.
    3. Pertaining to an idealized rural life.

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  1. Ceramic clay used in pottery, statuary, and construction.
  2. A flatterer seeking favors or gain; a servile self-seeker.
  3. To dig out of the ground or from a grave; to disinter.
  4. 1. Referring to the center of the earth in measurement or observation.
    2. Considering the earth as the center of a planetary system.
  5. 1. Typical of country life and people; simple; rough.
    2. A rural person.

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  1. paramountOf chief importance; primary; foremost.


  2. phantasmA phantom; an apparition; something unreal, as in a dream or a vision.


  3. hyperboreanAn exaggeration; a figure expressing excess.


  4. hyperbole1. Far north; Arctic.
    2. Very cold; frigid.


  5. equanimity1. A powerful feeling of hostility or antagonism; hatred.
    2. An animating spirit.