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8th Grade - Les Fruits - Fruits

Fruits in French

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Quelles fruits est-ce que tu préfères?
What fruits do you prefer?
des fraises (f.)
some strawberries
des poires (f.)
some pears
des citrons (m.)
some lemons
des citrons verts (m.)
some limes
des framboises (f.)
some raspberries
des pommes (f.)
some apples
des mangues (f.)
some mangos
des ananas (m.)
some pineapples
du raisin
some grapes
des oranges (f.)
some oranges
des bananes (f.)
some bananas
des pêches (f.)
some peaches
des cerises (f.)
some cherries
des tomates (f.)
some tomatoes
de la pastèque
some watermelon
a/an (m.)
a/an (f.)
des pommes
some apples
de la banane
some (of the) banana
du citron
some (of the) lemon
de l'orange
some (of the) orange

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