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where did the farmer's daughter get the the milk?

from milking cows

how does the farmer's daughter carry the milk?

in a pail balanced on her head

what is the first thing the milkmaid thinks she will get from the milk?

she will get cream from the milk to make butter

what does the milkmaid plan to do with the butter she makes?

she will take it to the market to sell.

how does the farmer's daughter think she will get chickens?

The money she makes from the butter she sold to the market.

what does the milkmaid plan to do with the money she earns from selling the chickens?

She will buy a new dress.

how does the milkmaid think that people will react to her at the dance?

She thinks they will admire her and want to dance.

why does the milkmaid toss her head?

Because she thinks she is better than them.

what happens when the milkmaid tosses her head?

the milk spills onto the ground

why does the milkmaid think that she will have nothing to say to the men at the dance?

She believes she is better than them.

the moral of the story is "do not count your chickens before they hatch" what does this moral mean?

You should not make plans on something you do not have.

What does vanish mean in the story?

It means to disappear

what does fine mean in the story

it means elegant

what does provide mean in the story?

it means supply

what does imagining mean in the story?

it mean to form a mental image.

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